Construction of Housing Performance Test Facilities for Improving Life Quality


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  • Major Facility/Equipment
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Construction of Housing Performance Test Facilities for Improving Life Quality

Construction of Housing Performance Test Facilities for Improving Life Quality
    • location
    • To be decided after March, 2014
      711-1, Garam-dong, Sejong, Korea
    • Major facility/equipment
    • Small chamber laboratory, Large chamber laboratory, water vapour adsorption/desorption property laboratory, Detailed analysis laboratory, Micro-organism laboratory, Olfactory laboratory, Ventilation performance laboratory, Dew condensation laboratory, experimental apartment houses , Floor impact noise laboratory, Water supply & drain noise laboratory, Outdoor noise laboratory, Airflow production and control room, Monitoring room
    • Structural overview
    • Site area 19,685 ㎡

      Number of levels Five levels above ground with one basement level

      Building area 4,280 ㎡

      Gross floor area 9,425 ㎡

      Structure Type Reinforced concrete & steel frame

Overview of the Testing Facility

    • Vision
    • - Building the world-class facility to perform housing performance tests with citizen-oriented purposes: Acoustic empirical test building, Indoor air environment and dew condensation test building, Full-scale CV simulator test building

      - Building national infrastructure for comprehensive performance evaluation tests of technical factors for residential environment improvement for the national citizens

    • Main functions
    • - Performance evaluation on floor impact and other indoor noises

      - Performance evaluation of technical factors related to housing performance quality including air environment and dew condensation

      - Performance evaluation of ventilation and envelope air leakage for full-scale unit households

    • Features
    • - Possible to provide comprehensive verification testing, to support the development of new technologies, and to promote their implementation, so as to enhance national technological competitiveness in relevant fields

      - Possible to improve residential environment of the national citizens and to secure verification technologies

      - Possible for small- and medium-sized enterprises and universities without testing facilities to develop new technologies for residential buildings so as to enhance national competitiveness

Major Facility/Equipment

Major Facility/Equipment
Building Laboratory Facility/Equipment
Indoor air environment and dew condensation test building Small chamber laboratory - Small chambers (16 units) 20L
Large chamber laboratory - Large chamber 24㎡, 5㎡, 1㎡
adsorption·moisture adsorption/desorption laboratories - Measuring equipment for adsorption·moisture adsorption/desorption performance (3 units)
Detailed analysis laboratory - GC/MS-ATD(3 units), HPLC(3 units)
- Elemental Analyzer, Thermal desolver
Micro-organism laboratory - Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal measuring equipment
- Impact-type air sampler (2 units), Ultraviolet sterilizing device and sensor (2 units)
- Incubator, Autoclave, Clean bench & Optical microscope
- Colony counter, Thermo-hygrometer, Particle counter, Spiral plator
Olfactory laboratory - CLIMAQ(12 units), Clean bench
Ventilation performance laboratory - Performance evaluation chamber for natural ventilation system, Flow meter, Manometer
Dew condensation laboratory - sensors for temperature, humidity and air current, Constant temperature & humidity chamber, 3D anemometer
Thermal imaging camera, Thermal conductivity measuring equipment
verify multi-unit housing - Temperature & humidity sensor, Sampling pump, Thermocouple, CO2 detector, Dust indicator
- Flow meter, Data logger, Thermal imaging camera
Acoustic empirical test building - Floor impact noise laboratory - Bang machine, Tapping machine, Microphone, Amplifier, Pre-amplifier, Non-directional speaker, Directional speaker, Impact force measuring equipment, noise measuring system, Spectrum analyzer, Multi-channel analyzer for evaluation of noise and vibration impacts , Water supplying pressure controller and etc.
Water supply & drain noise laboratory
Outdoor noise laboratory
Full-scale CV simulator test building CV laboratory - 3D anemometer (12 units), Turn table
Airflow production and control room - Airflow fan, Airflow visualization device and etc.
Monitoring room - Computers for analysis and etc.


Acoustic empirical test building

  • Performance evaluation of floor impact noise and vibration reduction
  • Performance evaluation of water supply and drain noise control
  • Controlling noise and vibration from outdoor noise sources

Indoor air environment and dew condensation test building

  • Performance evaluation of indoor micro-organism control
  • Performance evaluation of pollutants absorption
  • moisture adsorption/desorption performance tests
  • Performance evaluation of stench analysis and control
  • Performance tests of building materials, electronic products and furniture for pollutant release
  • Empirical tests on indoor air pollutants, and performance evaluation of ventilation load
  • Performance analysis of dew condensation
  • Performance evaluation of natural/mechanical ventilation facility and ventilation load tests

Full-scale CV simulator test building

  • Production and control of airflow
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