Construction of Large Experimental Facility for Hydraulic Model Test


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  • Major Facility/Equipment
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Construction of Large Experimental Facility for Hydraulic Model Test

Construction of Large Experimental Facility for Hydraulic Model Test
    • location
    • To be decided after March, 2014
      870, Haean-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    • Major facility/equipment
    • Basic hydraulic testing flume, Steep slope test flume, Variable slope test flume, Large/small sediment test flumes, Reservoir Tank Equipment, Dredging Hydraulics Test Flume, Infiltration/percolation soil tank experiment
    • Structural overview
    • Site area 25,724 ㎡

      Number of levels Expected to be two levels above ground with one basement level

      Building area 15,300 ㎡

      Gross floor area 16,807 ㎡

      Structure Type Reinforced concrete & Steel frame

Overview of the Testing Facility

    • Vision
    • - Building a large-scale hydraulic model testing facility to perform tests and experiments on various river facilities, rivers and water supply, and sewage, in order to achieve effective water resource management and tributary maintenance

      - Building a large-scale hydraulic model testing facility, enabling world-class testing and researching, through establishing hyper-connected testing infrastructure

      - Building hyper-connected testing infrastructure based on the newest IT technologies

      - Building a multi-purpose facility that can be used for various researches, supporting government policies and technological development, and nurturing professionals leading the field

    • Main functions
    • - Hydraulic model testing on rivers

      - Water resource management for four river projects, and maintenance of rivers, river facilities, water supply and swage and slope

      - Evaluation of influence of hydraulic structures (bridges and beams) on headgate, hydraulics and topography

      - Hydraulic tests on various fields including analysis of river environment, and hydraulic tests for disaster prevention

      - Hydraulic model tests for dam expansion including emergency spillway, and development of eco-friendly revetment

    • Features
    • - Supporting safety verification of eco-friendly river structures and revetment and riverfront facility

      - Contributing to river contamination prevention and its recovery, based on effective design of storm water facilities and alluvial-hydraulic research

      - Building multi-purpose testing infrastructure with diverse testing equipment, which can satisfy the demands from various fields

Major Facility/Equipment

Major Facility/Equipment
Fields Facility Facility/Equipment
Basic hydraulic Basic hydraulic testing flume - Variable slope flume : 30m × 1.2m × 2.0m
- Fixed open-channel flume : 30m × 1.5m × 2.0m
- PIV test flume : 30m × 1.0m × 1.0m
Tractive force Steep slope test flume - Max. velocity of flow : 10m/s
- Length : 31m
- Height : 3m
Variable slope test flume - Max. flow rate : 10m/s
- Variable lope or mild slope flume
Sediment Large sediment test flume - Size : 2~3m(B) × 100m(L)
- Consisting of automatic mixing device for fast flow and similar flow
- Max. flow rate : 1.0m3/s
Small sediment test flume - Size : 1m(B) × 30m(L)
- Upper and down-stream cistern inegral type
- Max. flow rate : 0.1m3/s
Stratification structure Reservoir Tank Equipment - Size : 8m × 15m × 4m
- Temperature/density control and supply system
- Reproduction of nonlinear stratification
Dredging performance Reservoir Tank Equipment - Full-scale tests of cutterhead
- Effectiveness verification tests of silt protector facility
Shared facility
  • Flow supplying system

    • - Storage tank : 80m × 60m × 8m(3EA)
    • - High cistern : 10m × 10m × 5m(4EA)
    • - Max. flow rate : 4.0m3/s
  • Unsteady flow supply system

    • - Max. flow rate : 1.0m3/s
    • - Interoperation with water-level gauge
    • - Max. reproduction error : within 10%


Basic hydraulic

  • Hydraulic tests utilizing previously used testing equipments including open channels, model testing sites and flow feeders

Tractive force

  • Verification test of revetment protection method, including blocks and vegetation mat
  • Performance evaluation tests of river bed protection structure, including riprap protection structure and concrete mats
  • Safety review tests of sloped embankment


  • Basic tests on behavior and movement of sediment
  • Various tests on local scour near river structures
  • Basic tests on erosion and deposition in the river

Stratification structure

  • Flow analysis of turbid water in reservoir
  • Analysis of stratification flow near water intake facility
  • Flow analysis of turbid water flowing into channels

Dredging performance

  • Dredging efficiency evaluation of dredging cutter-head
  • Flow analysis tests of dredged sediment
  • Performance evaluation of eco-friendly dredging equipment
  • Flow analysis of suction-type dredging equipment

Infiltration and percolation

  • Permeability performance evaluation tests of permeable pavement
  • Model tests for evaluation of urban undercurrent facility
  • Evaluation tests of flooding tolerance of the pavement method

Disaster prevention

  • Analysis of the cause of inundation damage and vulnerability evaluation tests
  • Performance analysis and evaluation tests of urban drainage system
  • Disaster pattern evaluation tests of the slope and mountainous areas
  • Behavior mechanism analysis of debris flow
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