Construction of Facilities to Reproduce Weather Conditions for Road


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Construction of Facilities to Reproduce Weather Conditions for Road

Construction of Facilities to Reproduce Weather Conditions for Road
    • location
    • To be decided after March, 2014
      196, Oksan-ri, Yeoncheon-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    • Major facility/equipment
    • Accelerated pavement facility, Indoor and outdoor testing facility for accelerated pavement, Rain/snow testing facility, Fog/nighttime testing facility, Flatland crash testing facility, Slope crash testing facility
    • Structural overview
    • Site area undecided

      Number of levels Indoor testing building for accelerated pavement, one level above ground with one basement level

      Building area 1,500㎡

      Gross floor area 1,740㎡

      Structure Type Reinforced concrete & Steel frame

Overview of the Testing Facility

    • Vision
    • - Establishing a comprehensive testing center with various facilities enabling reproduction of extreme weather, crash tests, geometric structures, application of cutting-edge technologies, and accelerated pavement testing

      - Building a comprehensive testing center for road facilities, in order to lead the development of technologies in relevant fields, and to promote development of technologies for response system to improve safety

      - Improving performance of safety facilities through establishing the relevant standards and controling quality, and, as a result, contributing to expansion of the global market share of Korean companies

    • Main functions
    • - Reviewing and establishing performance standards for road safety facility

      - Supporting Government's efforts in establishing policies and standards for road safety facility

      - Certification tests for road safety facility and products

      - Performance assessment of various modern vehicles with cutting-edge technologies

      - Analyzing the cause of auto accidents and preparing prevention measures

    • Features
    • - Can be utilized for development and certification of road safety facility to cope with extreme weather, such as SB7 level roadside barriers, CC4-level (120km/h) crash cushions, LED streetlights, skid-proof pavement, and pavement markings with high brightness in rainy conditions

      - Can be utilized for performance evaluation of advanced modern vehicles, including green cars, on various geometric road structures, and for development of relevant technologies

Major Facility/Equipment

Major Facility/Equipment
Testing field Facility Facility/Equipment
Accelerated pavement Accelerated pavement testing equipment - Accelerated pavement performance: 12,000 passes/day
- Loading performance : 5 ton/wheel load
- Wandering performance : 0.5 m Wandering
- Movement performance : Towing and loading by trailers
Accelerated pavement testing facility - Temperature load control : -10℃ ~ +40℃
- Possible to simulate groundwater level
- Size of indoor test pits: 30m × 4m × 4m(2EA)
Outdoor accelerated pavement testing facility - Size of the outdoor test beds: 30m × 30m(2EA)
Reproduction of extreme weather( Rain/Snow testing facility - Rainfall intensity: 50mm/h
- Snowfall intensity: 3cm/h
- Testing course: 400m
Fog/Nighttime testing facility - Visibility : 30m
- Providing nighttime driving environment
- Testing course length : 200m
Full-scale crash Full-scale crash testing facility
  • Flatland crush

    • - crashed vehicle weight: 40ton
    • - crash speed: 120km/h
    • - accelerated course length: 400m
  • Slope crash

    • - slope height : 3m
    • - crashed vehicle weight : 40ton
    • - crash speed : 120km/h
    • - accelerated course length : 400m


1. Accelerated pavement

  • Evaluation of structural damage to pavement by vehicle weight, environment factors, wandering and speed
  • Evaluation of plastic deformation of subgrade and asphalt materials
  • Evaluation of level of resistance to fatigue, crack and spalling
  • Pavement performance evaluation in relation to construction conditions and surface smoothness
  • Evaluation on safety including friction and skid resistance

Reproduction of extreme weather

  • Performance evaluation tests of pavement markings for different levels of rainfall intensity and driving speed
  • Reestablishment of the performance standards for driving in the rain, effective delivery of information to drivers, and development of alternative technologies
  • Analysis of driving characteristics on the snow
  • Visibility test of road signs and traffic safety facility during the snowfall, and performance tests of new products and technologie
  • Tests of new materials and system technologies to cope with the snowfall, including chloride sprayers, deicers and deicing equipment
  • Tests for establishing performance standards for various facilities for snowfall
  • Test on retro-reflective index of various safety facility for driving in the different levels of fog
  • Performance tests of system development technologies to develop the performance standards for foggy conditions and to cope with foggy environment

Full-scale crash

  • Production and control of airflowTests on satisfaction of standards for safety facility when crashed
  • Quality certification tests for crash test facilities

Geometric structure

  • Surveying capacity and modified adjustment factors for various types of intersections including those with and without signals, and roundabouts
  • Surveying capacity and capacity adjustment factors for different traffic signal operation systems in signalized intersections
  • Surveying capacity and capacity adjustment factors through construction of new type intersections
  • Surveying capacity and capacity adjustment factors for different types of bike roads and pedestrian facilities
  • Surveying capacity and capacity adjustment factors for different types of transit malls, pedestrian malls and complete streets


  • Evaluation of driver support systems
  • Intelligent parking tests
  • Evaluation of controlled traffic signal system, anti-collision system, blind spot detection device and automatic driving or operation
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