Hybrid Structural Testing Center


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Hybrid Structural Testing Center

Hybrid Structural Testing Center
    • location
    • Myongji University
    • Director
    • Young Suk Park
    • Contacts
    • TEL : +82-31-324-106

      FAX : +82-31-335-6826

      Email : hystec@koced.net

    • Major facility/equipment
    • Large-scale structure testing center, Small-scale structure testing center, Research center, Reaction structures, Loading frames, Hydraulic Actuator, Universal testing machine
    • Structural overview
    • Site area Approx. 10,206 ㎡

      Number of levels three levels above ground with a basement

      Structure type Above-ground floors: Steel frame
      Basement: Reinforced concrete

      Building area 1,678㎡

      Gross floor area 3,603 ㎡

Overview of the Testing Facility

    • Vision
    • - The best structural testing center in Korea with world-class facilities and cutting-edge testing equipment

      - Creating a testing environment with maximum efficiency, convenience and openness for the interests of shared users

      - Enabling joint research and development projects among enterprises, universities and research institutes in the field of construction technology through sharing of testing facilities and establishing collaborative research system

      - Building online/offline training systems to produce skilled construction engineers and technicians

      - Establishing IT(information technology)-based infrastructure for education, research and information

    • Main functions
    • - Internationally-certified testing center (Kolas: Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) for metallic material tensile and concrete compressive

      - Structural testing for various fields including construction, steel, shipbuilding, nuclear energy and machinery

      - Hybrid experiments and researches

      - Consulting service for hybrid testing

    • Features
    • - The only testing facility in the world facilitating bridge girder tests (maximum length: 80m)

      - Allowing large-scale structural tests including structural tests for 3-story buildings

      - Allowing field tests and preparation of large-scale test specimens utilizing its open-air yard

      - Equipped with large-scale high-quality testing equipment applicable for various purposes

      - Equipped with the hybrid structural testing facility that can perform both structural analyses and experiments

Major Facility/Equipment

Strong Wall & Floor

  • Strong walls and floors to support load to structures
Strong Wall & Floor
    • Reaction Floor
    • - Main Reaction Floor: 48.9m(L)×12.8m(W)

      - Outdoor Extended Strong Floor: 6m×6m×3ea

    • Reaction Wall
    • - Solid type [24+8]m(L)×[12+9+6]m(H) Multi-direction System

    • Crane
    • - 300+100k N O.H.C, 300k N O.H.C, 30kN Mono-Rail Crane

    • Main Gate
    • - 10(W)×12m(H)

Static & Dynamic Actuators

  • Actuators are a type of equipment loading similar signal as real dynamic load to the real-size or scaled structures, measuring stress to the specimen, observing displacement, deformation and destruction and acquiring safety and durability of the structure
  • large-capacity, large-displacement, high-speed loading, multiple, multi-purpose structural testing
Static & Dynamic Actuators
Classification Quantities Capacity Stroke Max. Rate of Stroke Servo-valve
Performance Type
200kN Act. 1 ±20kN 1500mm 400mm/sec 15gpm Single
250kN 2 ±250kN 750mm 1,000mm/sec 15gpm Dual
500kN Dynamic Act. 2 ±500kN 250mm 160mm/sec 90gpm Single
1,000kN Dynamic Act. 2 ±1,00kN 800mm 400mm/sec (250+15)gpm Dual
2,000kN Dynamic Act. 2 ±2,000kN 1,000mm 150mm/sec (250+15)gpm Dual
5,000kN Static Act. 2 Comp.5,000kN
Tens 3,500kN
2,000mm 4gpm 15gpm Single
Static & Dynamic Actuators

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine is considered as indispensible for material property tests, as it is used to measure strength of all different types of materials and complete parts and to figure out mechanical property through analyzing the stress-strain curve.
  • large-capacity, large-displacement, high-speed loading, multiple, multi-purpose structural testing
    • Max. Capacity(kN)
    • Force: ±5,000kN(±1,124kipf), Stroke :500mm (20in)
    • Testing Space
    • 30,000(L)×1,500(W)×6,000(H)mm (1,181×59×236in)
    • Hydraulic Pressure
    • 3,000psi(210bar), 400gpm(1,514lpm)
    • Actuator
    • Tension/Compression, 3 stage servovalve
    • Max. Rate of Stroke
    • 40mm/sec (4in/sec)
    • Max. Capacity(kN)
    • Force: ±5,000kN(±1,124kipf), Stroke :500mm (20in)
    • Testing Space
    • 3,000(L)×1,000(W)×4,000(H)mm (118×39×158in)
    • Hydraulic Pressure
    • 3,000psi(210bar), 15gpm(57lpm)
    • Actuator
    • Tension/Compression, 2 stage servovalve
    • Max. Rate of Stroke
    • 4mm/sec

Loading Frame

Loading Frame
  • Main Loading Frame

    • - one set of gate-type : 5,000kN (12.7×6m)
    • - 3D assembly : 10,000kN (12.7×6×7m)
  • Small-scale Loading Frame

    • - 3D gate-type frame : 2,000kN

Hydraulic Power Supply

Hydraulic Power Supply
  • MTS 505. 180
  • Equipped with a hydraulic oil pump with capacity of 720gpm, enabling high-speed/large-capacity loading
  • Real-time multi degree of freedom (DOF) experiments

Digital Control System

Digital Control System
  • FlexTest GT (4ch, 4stations)/FlexTest GT (2ch, 4stations)
  • FlexTest SE (1ch, 4stations) : Dynamic UTM 용
  • Multi-Actuator control system
  • Optimal Hybrid Testing Software
  • 4 stations multi-testing
  • Real-time pseudo-dynamic/Hybrid testing

DAQ:Data Acquisition Systems

  • DAQ:Data Acquisition Systems

    Dynamic DAQ System

    • - Total 320채널 (10~1,000kHz/ch)
    • - IMC CRONOS PL 16
    Dynamic DAQ System
    Model Amplifier Modules Quantities No. of Slot Channels per Slot Total Channels Measurable Physical Quantities
    CRONOS PL16 5set 8 Channels(Multi-purpose)
    8 16 8 64 Strain, Displacement, Temperature Load, Vibration, Voltage, Pressure
    8 Channels(Bridge& Voltage)
    22 44 8 176 Strain,Voltage
    8 Channels(Bridge& Voltage)
    22 44 8 176 Strain,Voltage
    8 Channels(Temperature)
    5 5 8 40 Temperature,Voltage
    8 Channels(Voltage)
    5 5 8 40 Voltage
    Total 40 70 320 0
  • Static DAQ System

    Static DAQ System

    • - Total 190channels (Strain, Resistance, Voltage, Temperature)
    • - TML : TDS-530 & Switching Box SSW-50D
  • Hybrid DAQ System

    Hybrid DAQ System

    • - Total 72channels
    • - ScramNet Remote Data Acquisition (800kS/s for 6000, 7MS/s for HS system)
    • - PI 660
    Hybrid DAQ System
    Model Amplifier Modules No. of Slot Remarks
    PI 660 Strain/LVDT(Bridge Module) 48 Up to 10kS/s
    Accelerometer 16 Up to 100kS/s
    Voltage/Thermocouple 8 Up to 10kS/s
    Total 72


  • equip1
  • equip2
  • equip3
  • equip4
  • equip5
  • equip6


  • Long span girder/bridge structural testing (Max. length: 80m)
  • Mock-up building structural testing (Max. height: 3 story-high)
  • Bridge structural testing (Max. height: 12m)
  • Performance evaluation of full-scale columns
  • Tensile strength tests and fatigue tests of cable
  • Small-scale structural member tests using UTM
  • Seismic performance testing of various members and accessories
  • Quasi-static test & pseudo-dynamic test
  • Real-time hybrid test
  • Manufacturing of large-scale specimen utilizing its open-air yard

Hybrid structural testing techniques

  • Real-time or fast

    • - The capacity of oil pressure equipment, including the HPS, the servovalve and the actuator, is big enough to allow oil pressure at 10-100% of the seismic velocity
  • Hybrid

    • - real-time interworking between the controller and the measuring instrument, and analysis of computer data
  • Multi-DOF

    • - concurrent operation of multiple actuators allowing simulation of the movements of the test model
Hybrid structural testing techniques


  • performance1
  • performance2
  • performance3
  • performance4
  • performance5
  • performance6
  • 60m long span PSC girder test
  • 60m SegBeam girder performance test
  • PSC deck slab test
  • 30m Bicon girder test
  • LUD 131.25 ton performance test
  • 28.6mm stainless cable performance verification test
  • Performance verification test of flexural performance and connection of the composite beam
  • Hybrid structural testing technique research
  • Compression test of C-shaped specimen
  • Comparative test for tensile strength of cable and tension measurer
  • Static performance test of aerogenerator (wind turbine) composite tower
  • Flexural performance test of 60m long span PSC girder
  • Quality verification test of bridge shock transmission unit
  • Tensile strength test of Munhwa cable bridge
  • Durability test of main rotor master bearing
  • Static load test of light collision safety device
  • Outboard Support tensile strength test
  • Double composite box girder diaphragm test
  • Performance test of double composite box girder
  • Performance test of tensile strength of cable
  • Diaphragm shear performance test of double composite girder
  • Performance verification test of high-strength pretension girder
  • Bridge performance test
  • Structural test for developing the precast pier cap system
  • I type 2 girder (4.8m) flexural test
  • Static and fatigue performance test of back hoe arm
  • Measurement test of smart tendon and BOTDR sensor prestress force


Name Position Duty Tel Email
박영석 Director General +82-31-324-1061 email
김철영 Assistant Director Planning +82-324-1062 email
심낙훈 Research Professor Research/management +82-324-1064 email
한종욱 Research Professor Test/research +82-324-1068 email
정대성 Researcher Testing +82-324-1067 email
한영석 Researcher Testing +82-324-1067 email
모세인 Researcher Administration +82-324-1063