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  • Data Sharing Policy

Data Respository Service

The main objective of the data management service is to share data, information and knowledge with the community. In order facilitate the dissemination and utilization of experimental data, the processes and procedures of the experiments are standardized, data models for experiments are developed, data is stored in the data repository, and search services of shared data is provided. The service will lead the way in the standardization of experiment data and improve the productivity of researchers. All of the new, structured, and processed data will be stored at the central data repository using EDMS and can be searched easily and quickly using a search engine.

Data Respository Service

Data Model

  • KOCED Data Model is composed of 5 fields : process of experiment, result of experiment, model of experiment, setup of experiment, and basis information.
  • The fields of process of experiment, result of experiment, basis information are shared among all 6 testing facilities.
  • The fields of model of experiment and setup of experiment are developed independently according to characteristics of 6 testing facilities.
  • Category of experiments, keywords, types of model, types of material, etc. are coded for share and search of experimental data.

KOCED Data Flow

KOCED Data Flow

Classification of KOCED's Experiment Data

Classification of KOCED's Experiment Data

Items and Examples of KOCED's Abridged Experiment Data

Items and Examples of KOCED's Abridged Experiment Data
Category Details
Experiment Outline Experiment title, purpose, explanation, period, participants, experiment facilities, equipment, and experiment model
Experiment Outcome Experiment outcome analysis, photos and video clips
Items and Examples of KOCED's Abridged Experiment Data

Unabridged Experiment Data

Unabridged Experiment Data1
Unabridged Experiment Data2
Unabridged Experiment Data3

Management of Experimental

  • Management of experimental data in hierarchical form of project-task-model-trial.
  • Easy sharing and searching of experimental data.
Management of Experimental
Category Items Details
Project Outline Project title, purpose, content and period
Reservation Experiment facility, equipment etc.
Participants Senior research fellow, analysts/respondents, Experiment managers etc.
Outcome Outcome report
Task Outline Task title, content (scenario) etc.
Outcome Curated data, photos and video clips
Task Outline Model title, type and attributes
Materials Material title, type and attributes
Map Model map
Trial Outline Trial title, content(scenario) etc.
DAQ set-up Sensor location, DAQ channel set-up
Camera set-up Camera location
Outcome Raw data, reduced data, curated data, photos, video clips

Data Sharing Vision

  • KOCED seeks to enable the recording, preservation and sharing of experiment data obtainable from carrying out government-backed national projects as well as all data (raw and curated data etc.) obtainable from research backed by the national R&D budget and data generated from research accessing KOCED’s experiment facilities, and to maximize the corresponding data usage.
  • KOCED establishes a system of systematic and high security data, and develops a standard data model for convenient and effective data storage and recording.
  • KOCED seeks to enhance domestic construction technology levels, and accelerate their development pace, shorten the time span of industrialization and commercialization, and enhance the research efficiency by forming a new collaborative research environment through data recording and sharing.

Basic Principles of Data Sharing

Basic Principles of Data Sharing
Category Description
Policy Setting KOCED shall establish policies on recording and sharing of data generated from researches utilizing KOCED’s experiment facilities, and all experiment outcomea obtained from the national R&D budget and nationally subsidized projects.
Preservation Senior research fellows in all government-backed researches shall consign the right to experiment data to Korea Institute of Construction & Transportation Technology Evaluation & Planning, the institution that pays for research costs. The institution, in turn, shall authorize the management right to the authorized data to KOCED for storage, preservation and management.
Systems Information on the data preserved in KOCED’s data store shall be recorded to the extent of a third researcher’s verification and represenation, and curated to the extent of immediate application. Recording systems shall be in place to enable the preserved data to be accessed by users according to their access right for searching and using the experiment data in demand.
Security Data recording and sharing systems shall be creative and diversified to guarantee security of KOCED’s data.
Purpose of Sharing KOCED’s shared data shall be used for the following purposes:
- National development and protection of the public good
- Development and enhancement of construction theories, experimental researches and education
- Sharing of and search for various materials in construction
- Reduced redundancy in trying to search for a host of existing materials
- Creation and usage of a collaborative research environment
- For the good of data producers in KOCED and all users
Developers’ Right Developers’ right to develop and collect KOCED’s data shall be protected as much as possible.
Recording In cases of conducting researches using KOCED’s experiment facilities, and nationally-budgeted experiments, senior research fellows shall agree to record data according to the data format and scope defined by KOCED prior to starting research, and shall submit it in ‘Data Recording and Sharing Plan’ upon negotiation on the extent of data disclosure with KOCED.
Temporary Storage All data generated from experiments conducted in KOCED’s experiments shall be stored in the back-up form at KOCED’s data store within 24 hours from individual experiment.
Permanent Storage All data shall be, in principle, stored permanently.
- Abridged experiment data: Senior research fellows shall submit to KOCED’s data store the systematized abridged experiment data following discussion, analysis and evaluation among participating researchers after securing measures for the intellectual property right within 6 months from the end of experiments. Penalties shall be imposed on belated submission.
- Unabridged experiment data: Senior research fellows shall submit to KOCED’s data store the systematized unabridged experiment data agreed upon by participating researchers after securing measures for the intellectual property right within 12 months from the end of experiments. Penalties shall be imposed on belated submission.
Disclosure Disclosure shall be conducted according to the following procedure.
- Abridged experiment data: Abridged experiment data shall be immediately disclosed to all researchers after completion of storage measures.
- Unabridged experiment data: Unabridged experiment data shall be disclosed after completion of storage measures. The timing of disclosure and extent of accessibility for unabridged experiment data shall be determined following the process of ‘open data deliberation’ to protect the national interest and right of researchers
Addition and Complementation Data may be added and complemented for 24 months after the end of experiments at the discretion and right of senior research fellows. If addition and complementation are required after 24 months of elapsed time, senior research fellows shall decide on it upon consultation with KOCED.
Obligation of Pre-measures for Intellectual Property Right Senior research fellows shall make sure to prevent any disadvantages possibly arising from disclosure of unabridged experiment data by securing necessary measures to obtain the intellectual property right, including patent application and research paper submission before submitting unabridged experiment data.
Curating Responsibility The responsibility to process experiment data shall lie with senior research fellows.
List Publication The list of data being recorded and managed in KOCED’s data store shall be regularly published or disclosed on the Web. Upon publication or disclosure, the extent of user accessibility and changes in data stored shall be indicated for each data list.
Exclusions Experiment outcome requiring high security commissioned by national research projects or private enterprises shall be subject to an additional agreement with KOCED to decide upon the scope of disclosure and the content to be disclosed.
Access Right Users’ access right shall be regulated as follows. Managers: KOCED’s data managers shall access data only to manage experiment data. For work management including correction and deletion, they shall decide upon consultation with senior research fellows. The managers are primarily responsible for data security.
Users: Access to abridged experiment data accessible by members only shall be allowed all the time, but unabridged experiment data shall be limitedly accessed within the permitted scope.
Access Period For exceptional circumstances, or without conditions agreed upon in ‘Research Participation Agreement’ based on ‘Data Storage and Sharing Plan,’ user access shall be permitted according to the following standard within the following period.
- Abridged experiment data: Within 6 months after setting in place disclosure measures
- Unabridged experiment data: Within 12 months or after setting in place limited disclosure measures
Disclosure Period For exceptional circumstances in which disclosure period is additionally designated in ‘Research Participation Agreement’ based on ‘Data Storage and Sharing Plan,’ all data in KOCED’s data store shall be disclosed all the time.
User Obligations Unabridged experiment data acquired by accessing KOCED’s data store shall not be provided with a third party without consent of KOCED. To use the data acquired by accessing KOCED’s data store for researches, the data source and original producer name shall be specified, and the same shall apply in curating the data derived accordingly.
Data Usage Fees Expenses for data usage may be claimed to users of unabridged experiment data, and a portion of the expenses may be provided to senior research fellows as the data producers.
Evaluation Senior research fellows are primarily obliged for data recording and quality regarding all data preserved and disclosed in KOCED’s data store. KOCED shall evaluate the data quality based on monitoring and evaluation of the data usage.
Correction and Preservation In case the recorded data are determined to have low quality, senior research fellows that produced and recorded the data may be asked for correction and complementation.
Standardization To continuously guarantee the data quality, all data being recorded shall be done so according to a standard data model developed by KOCED or other models thereof.

Major functions

  • Large scale structural analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Case

    • - Structural analysis of online hybrid testing
    • - Structural analysis by large parallel numerical analysis
    • - Visualization of data through fast data processing
Major functions
Major functions

Characteristics & Specifications

  • Hybrid testing and multi-site online testing through Korea Research Environment Open NETwork (KREONET) and Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development(GLORIAD)
  • Structural analysis by large parallel numerical analysis
  • Visualization of data by fast data processing
  • Web-based job submission and management