• Mar. 2015

    To select host institutions for Phase II testing facilities (Vehicle Driving Simulation Facility)

  • Mar. 2014

    To select host institutions for Phase II testing facilities (Complex Road Safety Testing Facility, Large-scale Hydraulic Model Testing Facility, House Performance Testing Facility)

  • Aug. 2013

    Planning to build six testing centers for Phase II by Aug. 2018

  • Mar. 2013

    Basic design of Phase 2 testing centers

  • Dec. 2011

    Advanced Construction Materials Testing Center and Seismic Simulation Test Center accredited by KOLAS

  • Nov. 2011

    Hybrid Structural Testing Center accredited by KOLAS

  • Jun. 2011

    Planning of Phase II testing facilities

  • Jun. 2011

    Completion of Experimental Center for Coastal & Harbor Engineering

  • Jan. 2011

    Appointment of Ahn, Kwang-Ki as the 2nd President

  • Feb. 2010

    Signed MOU with K-Water Research Center at Korea Water Resources Corporation

  • Jun. 2009

    Established KOCED Collaboratory Management Institute (CMI) Appointment of Park, Young-Suk as the 1st President

  • May, 2009

    Completion of Seismic Simulation Testing Center

  • Apr. 2009

    Completion of Hybrid Structural Testing Center

    Completion of Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Center

    Completion of Advanced Construction Materials Testing Center

    Completion of Wind Tunnel Center

  • Nov. 2008

    Signed MOU with Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)

  • Dec. 2004

    Selected six host institutions for Phase I testing facilities

  • Jun. 2004

    Established Korea Construction Engineering Development Program Management Center (KOCED PMC)